Canadian Journal of Public Health

Vol 103, No 6 (2012)

November/December 2012

Table of Contents


What Do Kazakhstan, China, Iran and Canada Have in Common? PDF
G. Paradis e398

Quantitative Research

A Shelter-associated Tuberculosis Outbreak: A Novel Strain Introduced Through Foreign-born Populations PDF
Danusia Moreau, Jennifer Gratrix, Dennis Kunimoto, Avril Beckon, Evelina Der, Elisabeth Hansen, Linda Chui, Rabia Ahmed e408-e412
The Cedar Project: Sexual Vulnerabilities Among Aboriginal Young People Involved in Illegal Drug Use in Two Canadian Cities PDF
Negar Chavoshi, Shannon Waters, Akm Moniruzzaman, Chris G. Richardson, Martin T. Schechter, Patricia M. Spittal e413-e416
False-positive Screening Mammograms and Biopsies Among Women Participating in a Canadian Provincial Breast Screening Program PDF
Andrew J. Coldman, Norm Phillips e420-e424
Coping With Child Hunger in Canada: Have Household Strategies Changed Over a Decade? PDF
Lynn McIntyre, Aaron C. Bartoo, Jody Pow, Melissa L. Potestio e428-e432
Classifying Neighbourhoods by Level of Access to Stores Selling Fresh Fruit and Vegetables and Groceries: Identifying Problematic Areas in the City of Gatineau, Quebec PDF
Adrian C. Gould, Philippe Apparicio, Marie-Soleil Cloutier e433-e437
The Relationship Between Income and Weight Control Strategies Among Canadian Adults PDF
Andrew W. Tu, Louise C. Masse e438-e442
Neighbourhood Income Level and Outcomes of Extremely Preterm Neonates: Protection Conferred by a Universal Health Care System PDF
Gary Ko, Prakesh Shah, Lajos Kovacs, Cecil Ojah, Patricia Riley, Shoo K. Lee e443-e447
After-school Snack Intake Among Canadian Children and Adolescents PDF
Jo-Anne Gilbert, Doris Miller, Shannon Olson, Sylvie St-Pierre e448-e452

Qualitative Research

Healthy Choice?: Exploring How Children Evaluate the Healthfulness of Packaged Foods PDF
Charlene Elliott, Meaghan Brierley e453-e458
Building the Evidence Base for Chronic Disease Self-management Support Interventions Across Canada PDF
Sharon Johnston, Clare Liddy, Karina Mill, Hannah Irving e462-e467


Bed Bugs and Public Health: New Approaches for an Old Scourge PDF
Mona Shum, Elizabeth Comack, Taz Stuart, Reg Ayre, Stéphane Perron, Shelley A. Beaudet, Tom Kosatsky e399-e403


Increasing Use of Pyrethroids in Canadian Households: Should We Be Concerned? PDF
Erna C. van Balen, Marcelo J. Wolansky, Tom Kosatsky e404-e407
Optimizing Canadian Breast Cancer Screening Strategies: A Perspective for Action PDF
Andriana Barisic, Sharareh Taghipour, Dragan Banjevic, Anthony B. Miller, Neil Montgomery, Andrew Jardine, Bart J. Harvey e417-e419
Latest OECD Figures Confirm Canada as a Public Health Laggard PDF
Dennis Raphael e425-e427
Intensifier l’élaboration de politiques publiques favorables à la santé : des approches stratégiques pour les autorités de santé publique PDF
Ak'ingabe Guyon e459-e461
Frequently Asked Questions About Population Health Intervention Research PDF
Penelope Hawe, Erica Di Ruggiero, Emma Cohen e468-e471


Visualizing the Historical and Contemporary Differences in Mortality Between the United States and Canada Using Lexis Diagrams PDF
Mark A. Green, Danny Dorling e472
Volatile Substance Misuse: A Look Into the Future PDF
Colleen Anne Dell, Debra Dell, Silvia Cruz, Robert Balster e473
Why Do Poster Presentations Not Receive More Consideration? Some Thoughts Shared by Two PhD Candidates PDF
Thomas Druetz, Émilie Robert e474