Canadian Journal of Public Health

July/August 2007, Vol.98, Supplement 1

Place and Health Research in Canada / La recherche sur le lieu et la santé au Canada

Table of Contents


Special issue on place and health (Introduction) PDF
L. Sullivan, E. Gyorfi-Dyke S4
Numéro spécial sur le lieu et la santé (Introduction) PDF (Français)
L. Sullivan, E. Gyorfi-Dyke S5
Place and health research in Canada (Editorial) PDF
L. Potvin, M.V. Hayes S6-S7
La recherche sur le lieu et la santé au Canada (Éditorial) PDF (Français)
L. Potvin, M.V. Hayes S8-S9
Unpacking income inequality and population health: The peculiar absence of geography PDF
J.R. Dunn, P. Schaub, N.A. Ross S10-S17
Conceptualizing and operationalizing neighbourhoods: The conundrum of identifying territorial units PDF
L. Gauvin, É. Robitaille, M. Riva, L. McLaren, C. Dassa, L. Potvin S18-S26
Does choice of spatial unit matter for estimating small-area disparities in health and place effects in the Vancouver Census Metropolitan Area? PDF
L.N. Oliver, M.V. Hayes S27-S34
Predictors of psychological distress in low-income populations of Montreal PDF
J. Caron, É. Latimer, M. Tousignant S35-S44
Living environments and health at the local level: The case of three localities in the Québec City region PDF
Koninck M. De, R. Pampalon S45-S53
Neighbourhood, family, and health care PDF
L.L. Roos, R. Walld S54-S61
Non-communicable disease and injury-related mortality in rural and urban places of residence: A comparison between Canada and Australia PDF
C. Lagacé, M. Desmeules, R.W. Pong, D. Heng S62-S69


Bridging place-based research and action for health PDF
D.L. Patychuk S70-S73
Geographic information systems (GIS) in the health field: An opportunity to bridge the gap between researchers and administrators PDF
M. Benigeri S74-S76