Canadian Journal of Public Health

November/December 2007, Vol.98, No.6

Table of Contents


Current Canadian initiatives to reimburse live organ donors for their non-medical expenses PDF
S. Vlaicu, S. Klarenbach, R.C. Yang, T. Dempster, A.X. Garg 481-83
Innovative approaches in public health research: Applying life course epidemiology to Aboriginal health research PDF
E.A. Estey, A.M. Kmetic, J. Reading 444-46
Major initiatives related to childhood obesity and physical inactivity in Canada: The year in review PDF
M.S. Tremblay 457-59
Canadian health measures survey: Brief overview PDF
M.S. Tremblay, Gorber S. Connor 453-56


Sexual and drug-related vulnerabilities for HIV infection among women engaged in survival sex work in Vancouver, Canada PDF
K. Shannon, V. Bright, K. Gibson, M.W. Tyndall 465-69
Resources for health promotion: Rhetoric, research and reality PDF
Minke S. Wolbeck, K.D. Raine, R.C. Plotnikoff, D. Anderson, E. Khalema, C. Smith 489-94
Incidence and prevalence of type 2 diabetes in the First Nation community of Kahnawá:ke, Quebec, Canada, 1986-2003 PDF
O.K. Horn, H. Jacobs-Whyte, A. Ing, A. Bruegl, G. Paradis, A.C. Macaulay 438-43
Driving after drinking in Canada: Findings from the Canadian Addiction Survey PDF
D.J. Beirness, C.G. Davis 476-80
Missing in action (Editor's Page) PDF
G. Paradis 437
Absence remarquée, Une (Le mot de la rédaction) PDF (Français)
G. Paradis I5-I7


Immigrant women and cervical cancer screening uptake: A multilevel analysis PDF
K.J. Woltman, K.B. Newbold 470-75
Health disparity knowledge and support for intervention in Saskatoon PDF
M. Lemstra, C. Neudorf, G. Beaudin 484-88
Mortality, cause of death and life expectancy of Chinese Canadians in Alberta PDF
H. Quan, F-L. Wang, D. Schopflocher, C. DeCoster 500-5
Canadian opinions on publicly financed dental care PDF
C.R. Quiñonez, D. Locker 495-99
Patterns of medication use among women survivors of intimate partner violence PDF
J. Wuest, M. Merritt-Gray, B. Lent, C. Varcoe, A.J. Connors, M. Ford-Gilboe 460-64

Public Health Intervention

Family-based intervention to promote healthy lifestyles in an Aboriginal community in Canada, A PDF
S.S. Anand, A.D. Davis, R. Ahmed, R. Jacobs, C. Xie, A. Hill, J. Sowden, S. Atkinson, C. Blimkie, M. Brouwers, K., de Koning L., Gerstein H., Yusuf S. Morrison 447-52