Canadian Journal of Public Health

Vol 106, No 3 (2015)


Table of Contents


Advocacy: It's not a dirty word, it's a duty PDF
Trevor Hancock e86-e88

Quantitative Research

Community pharmacists' knowledge, beliefs and attitudes towards immunization in Quebec
Jean Rémi Valiquette, Pascal Bédard e89-e94
Variations over four decades in body mass index trajectories prior to diagnosis of diabetes mellitus: The Manitoba Follow-up Study, 1948–2007
Dessalegn Y. Melesse, Shiva S. Halli, Robert B. Tate e95-e100
Use of caffeinated energy drinks among secondary school students in Ontario: Prevalence and correlates of using energy drinks and mixing with alcohol
Jessica L. Reid, David Hammond, Cassondra McCrory, Joel A. Dubin, Scott T. Leatherdale e101-e108
Exploring the prevalence and correlates of meeting health behaviour guidelines among university students
Tanya M.F. Scarapicchia, Catherine M. Sabiston, Guy Faulkner e109-e114
Patterns and trends in gambling participation in the Quebec population between 2009 and 2012
Sylvia Kairouz, Catherine Paradis, Louise Nadeau, Denis Hamel, Chantal Robillard e115-e120
Waterpipe use among high school students in Ontario: Demographic and substance use correlates
Hayley A. Hamilton, Roberta Ferrence, Angela Boak, Shawn O'Connor, Robert E. Mann, Robert Schwartz, Edward M. Adlaf e121-e126
Visits to physicians for oral health-related complaints in Ontario, Canada
Nancy C. LaPlante, Sonica Singhal, Jacquie Maund, Carlos Quiñonez e127-e131
Growing social inequality in the prevalence of type 2 diabetes in Canada, 2004–2012
Kip Brown, Alex Nevitte, Betsy Szeto, Arijit Nandi e132-e139

Qualitative Research

Rural food insecurity: When cooking skills, homegrown food, and perseverance aren’t enough to feed a family
Ellen V. Buck-McFadyen e140-e146

Public Health Intervention

Cross-sectional analysis of a community-based cooperative grocery store intervention in Saskatoon, Canada
Larisa C. Lotoski, Rachel Engler-Stringer, Nazeem Muhajarine e147-e153


Agents communautaires de santé : un modèle de santé sans murs
Fernando P. Cupertino de Barros, Ana Valéria Machado Mendonça, Maria Fátima de Sousa e154-e156

Literature Review

Community health workers in Canada and other high-income countries: A scoping review and research gaps
Said Ahmad Maisam Najafizada, Ivy Lynn Bourgeault, Ronald Labonte, Corinne Packer, Sara Torres e157-e164


Response to Johnson and Beaudet’s commentary: Moving beyond sex and gender reporting in health research PDF
Olena Hankivsky, Kristen W. Springer, Lisa M. Bates e165
Quebec's public health cuts PDF
Joel Kettner e166