Canadian Journal of Public Health

Vol 106, No 2 (2015)


Table of Contents


Changes at the Canadian Journal of Public Health
Louise Potvin e1-e3

Quantitative Research

Individual and jurisdictional factors associated with voluntary HIV testing in Canada: Results of a national survey, 2011
Catherine A. Worthington, Liviana M. Calzavara, Samantha J. White, Dan Allman, Mark W. Tyndall e4-e9
Space and time clustering of adolescents’ emergency department use and post-visit physician care for mood disorders in Alberta, Canada: A population-based 9-year retrospective study
Rhonda J. Rosychuk, Amanda S. Newton, Xiaoqing Niu, Liana Urichuk e10-e16
Demographic and behavioural characteristics predict bacterial STI reinfection and coinfection among a cross-sectional sample of laboratory-confirmed gonorrhea cases in a local health region from Saskatchewan, Canada
Molly A. Trecker, Jo-Anne R. Dillon, Kathy Lloyd, Maurice Hennink, Cheryl L. Waldner e17-e21
Community- and individual-level factors associated with smoking and heavy drinking among Aboriginal people in Canada
Hmwe Hmwe Kyu, Katholiki Georgiades, Harriet L. MacMillan, Michael H. Boyle e22-e28
Correlates of physical activity in First Nations youth residing in First Nations and northern communities in Canada
Lucie Lévesque, Ian Janssen, Fei Xu e29-e35
The association between the interpregnancy interval and autism spectrum disorder in a Canadian cohort
Helen Coo, Hélène Ouellette-Kuntz, Yuk-Miu Lam, Marni Brownell, Michael P. Flavin, Leslie L. Roos e36-e42
The impact of school policies and practices on students’ diets, physical activity levels and body weights: A province-wide practicebased evaluation
Jessie-Lee D. McIsaac, Yen Li Chu, Chris Blanchard, Melissa Rossiter, Patricia Williams, Kim Raine, Sara F.L. Kirk, Paul J. Veugelers e43-e51
Fast food intake in Canada: Differences among Canadians with diverse demographic, socio-economic and lifestyle characteristics
Jennifer L. Black, Jean-Michel Billette e52-e58
Tridimensionality of alcohol use in Canada: Patterns of drinking, contexts and motivations to drink in the definition of Canadian drinking profiles according to gender
Marilyn Fortin, Stéphane Moulin, Elyse Picard, Richard E. Bélanger, Andrée Demers e59-e65
Development of a measure of health care affordability applicable in a publicly funded universal health care system
Jeannie L. Haggerty, Jean-Frédéric Levesque e66-e71

Systematic Review

A scoping review of mental health issues and concerns among immigrant and refugee youth in Canada: Looking back, moving forward
Sepali Guruge, Hissan Butt e72-e78


The ineffectiveness and unintended consequences of the public health war on obesity
Ximena Ramos Salas e79-e81


Linking missing data to study outcomes using multiple imputations
Khadija Ibrahim e82
Response letter to the Editor
Gita Wahi, Katholiki Georgiades e83
Ebola viral disease: Need for augmented “One Health” approaches in Africa
Asokan GV e84
Stan Houston e85