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Stories of policy change: City of Hamilton’s healthy food and beverage policy

Kayla Atkey, Pat Elliott-Moyer, Miri Freimanis, Kim D. Raine


SETTING: Municipal buildings and corporate events in the City of Hamilton, Ontario.

INTERVENTION: In 2011, the City of Hamilton adopted a healthy food and beverage policy. The intent of the policy is to demonstrate the City’s commitment to healthy eating by providing food and beverages that are healthy, safe, and free of industrially produced trans fats, and promoting a sustainable, local food system. The corporate policy applies to all City facilities, meetings and events. In this article, we explore adoption and implementation of the policy, as well as key lessons for healthy public policy change.

OUTCOMES: Integrating the policy into corporate culture and practice through the provision of ongoing supports and resources helped the City of Hamilton overcome barriers and achieve implementation success.

IMPLICATIONS: Through exploration of the City of Hamilton’s healthy food and beverage policy, we identified a number of lessons for policy change and implementation. When viewed in context, these lessons may help to support policy work in other Canadian jurisdictions.


Policy; municipal; nutrition; chronic disease prevention

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