Innovations in Policy and Practice: Engaging practitioners as scholars

Trevor Hancock, Victoria Barr, Louise Potvin


The Canadian Journal of Public Health is launching a new section entitled Innovations in Policy and Practice, which will be a showcase for and reflection on innovative public health policy and practice in Canada. The section will focus on articles that describe the development and implementation of innovative policies and practices in Canada and/or that reflect on the experience of practitioners in implementation. The section is explicitly intended to attract practitioners as both readers and authors. This will involve a number of innovations for the Journal that will make the role of author easier for practitioners and result in published material that is attractive and useful, while retaining a scholarly approach. In addition, the review process for this section will be oriented to the reality of practice and undertaken by ‘practitioner-scholars’ in a collegial and non-anonymous manner.


Publishing; diffusion of innovation; public health practice; policy; peer review; research

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