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Vol 106, No 4 (2015): May/June

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Table of Contents

Invited Editorial

Reducing the economic burden of chronic disease requires major investment in public health PDF
Kim D. Raine e167-e170

Quantitative Research

Variation across Canada in the economic burden attributable to excess weight, tobacco smoking and physical inactivity PDF
Hans Krueger, Joshua Krueger, Jacqueline Koot e171-e177
Physical activity and sedentary behaviour of toddlers and preschoolers in child care centres in Alberta, Canada PDF
Nicholas Kuzik, Dawne Clark, Nancy Ogden, Vicki Harber, Valerie Carson e178-e183
Between a rock and a hard place: Smoking trends in a Manitoba First Nation PDF
Natalie D. Riediger, Virginia Lukianchuk, Lisa M. Lix, Lawrence Elliott, Sharon G. Bruce e184-e188
Engaging community organizations in falls prevention for older adults: Moving from research to action PDF
Maureen F. Markle-Reid, Catherine S. Dykeman, Holly D. Reimer, Lorna J. Boratto, Carol E. Goodall, Jennifer L. McGugan e189-e196
Risk perception, psychological heuristics and the water fluoridation controversy PDF
Andrea M.L. Perrella, Simon J. Kiss e197-e203
An adaptation of the Yesterday Method to correct for under-reporting of alcohol consumption and estimate compliance with Canadian low-risk drinking guidelines PDF
Jinhui Zhao, Tim Stockwell, Gerald Thomas e204-e209
The impact of policies to reduce blood glucose test strip utilization and costs in Canada PDF
Tara Gomes, Diana Martins, Lucy Cheng, Jillian Kratzer, David N. Juurlink, Baiju R. Shah, Muhammad M. Mamdani, J. Michael Paterson, Michael R. Law e210-e216
Breastfeeding as a means to prevent infant morbidity and mortality in Aboriginal Canadians: A population prevented fraction analysis PDF
Kathryn E. McIsaac, Rahim Moineddin, Flora I. Matheson e217-e222
Genre, âge, catégorie professionnelle, secteur économique et santé mentale en milieu de travail : les résultats de l’étude SALVEO PDF
Alain Marchand, Marie-Eve Blanc, Pierre Durand e223-e229

Qualitative Research

“If they tell me to get it, I’ll get it. If they don’t….”: Immunization decision-making processes of immigrant mothers PDF
Stephanie P. Kowal, Cynthia G. Jardine, Tania M. Bubela e230-e235
Skin deep: Coverage of skin cancer and recreational tanning in Canadian women’s magazines (2000–2012) PDF
Jennifer E. McWhirter, Laurie Hoffman-Goetz e236-e243


Governing population screening in an age of expansion: The case of newborn screening PDF
Fiona Alice Miller, Céline Cressman, Robin Hayeems e244-e248
The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: Trading away our health? PDF
Arne Ruckert, Ashley Schram, Ronald Labonté e249-e251

Invited Commentary

Population health promotion 2.0: An eco-social approach to public health in the Anthropocene PDF
Trevor Hancock e252-e255


Missed opportunity to explore social determinants of health and protective properties in First Nations study PDF
Andrea Matthews e256